Research reports



Academic Staff of the Mathematics Department ARC Research Officer Principal external collaborators
  • Professor N.A. Kuznetsov, IPPI (Overseas Coordinator)
  • Professor A. Pokrovskii, University of Cork (Director of European Operations)
  • Professor V. Kozyakin, IPPI
  • Professor A.M. Krasnosel'skii, IPPI
  • Dr E. Asarin, IPPI
  • Dr A.A. Vladimirov, IPPI
  • Professor N. Bobylev, Institute of Control Science, RAS
  • Professor P.E. Kloeden, University of Frankfurt
  • Dr A. Rubinov, Senior Research Fellow, University of Ballarat
  • Dr X.-Z. Yuan, KPMG Dallas < >
Postgraduate students supervised by members of CADSMAP
AbadiH.B. Thompson(Graduated MSc 1999)
Barbara ChanJ.A. Eccleston(Graduated PhD 2000)
Leslie ElliottJ.A. Eccelston(Graduated PhD 1999)
Vincenzo MatassaJ.E. Eccleston (with K. Basford, Agriculture)
Mesliza MohamedH.B. Thompson
Ben PetschelH.B. Thompson
Chris TisdellH.B. Thompson(Graduated PhD 2002)
Elliot TonkesJ.H. Chabrowski(Graduated PhD 1999)
Mark ThompsonP.K. Pollett(Graduated PhD 2001)
Peter WatsonE.U. Tarafdar/H.B. Thompson(Graduated PhD 1998)
Bill WestermanJ.A. Eccleston (with Dentistry)
Frank WrathmoreH.B. Thompson

Research interests

The tenured personnel are senior fulltime academic staff of the Mathematics Department. All are Associate Professors or Readers.

  • Professor Eccleston is Head of the Department of Mathematics and Head of the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. As Director of CADSMAP he will play an important advisory role.
  • Dr Chabrowski is working on boundary value problems for nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations. The topics covered include the existence of multiple solutions and periodic solutions. He also works in variational methods and optimization.
  • Dr Diamond is interested in dynamical systems and chaos, theory of set-valued processes and stochastic processes applied to chemical reactions and population dynamics. He is also working on information processing of uncertain data, the applications of dynamical systems theory to Artificial Intelligence and Control, networks and robust control.
  • Dr Pollett is working in Probability and Stochastic Processes. Current research interests include Markov process theory, computational applied probability, stochastic modelling in ecology and epidemiology, physical chemistry, population biology and telecommunications, queueing networks and point processes, and, simulation. The Australian Academy of Science awarded him the Moran Medal for Statistical Science in 1993.
  • Dr Thompson is interested in applying analysis to the study of differential equations. He is working on nonlinear boundary value problems with special interest in nonlinear boundary conditions. These range from two-point boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations and systems to boundary value problems for elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations. In addition he has an interest in topological algebra and non-absolutely convergent integrals. Recent research includes variational methods.
  • Dr Tonkes has interests in elliptic partial differential equations, and treating them with variational methods. In particular, he works on problems that lack compactness. He is building an interest in mathematical finance.
  • Dr Yuan works in functional and convex analysis, set-valued analysis, variational methods, games theory and mathematical economics. Currently, Yuan is interested in the study of Applied wavelet analysis and related nonparametric estimation, non-stationary time series analysis in statistics and mathematical finance.
  • Dr Pokrovskii's research interests are in nonlinear analysis, hysteresis, chaotic systems, computational methods, control theory, complexity theory and probability. He is a coauthor of the standard text on hysteresis and was awarded the Andronov Prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences 1983. He is on extended leave from IPPI to work in Australia.
  • Dr Igor Vladimirov's scientific interests are probability theory and stochastic control. He is currently working in the fields of spatially discretized dynamical systems and stochastic H-infinity optimization, and theoretical aspects of electricity demand and price modelling.
  • Professor Kuznetsov is an Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a Laureate of the State Prize of SSSR (formerly Stalin Prize), Director of IPPI, Editor-in-Chief of two prominent journals, President of the Council of the House of Scientists of the Russian Academy, Deputy Chairman of the National Committee of Russian Federation in Automatic Control and of the National Committee of Russian Federation in Mathematical Modelling. He has written more than 200 scientific papers and 3 monographs.

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