Phil Pollett
Professor of Mathematics
Discipline of Mathematics
The University of Queensland

Phil Pollett
Current research interests
Dynamical systems
Froyland, G., Pollett, P.K. and Stuart, R.M. (2014) A closing scheme for finding almost-invariant sets in open dynamical systems. Journal of Computational Dynamics 1, 135-162.
McVinish, R. and Pollett, P.K. (2013) The limiting behaviour of a stochastic patch occupancy model. Journal of Mathematical Biology 67, 693-716.
Operational research
Van Doorn, E.A. and Pollett, P.K. (2013) Quasi-stationary distributions for discrete-state models. Invited paper. European Journal of Operational Research 230, 1-14.
Cope, R.C., Lanyon, J.M, Seddon, J.M. and Pollett, P.K. (2014) Development and testing of a genetic marker-based pedigree reconstruction system `PR-genie' incorporating size-class data. Molecular Ecology Resources 14, 857-870.
Flegg, M.B., Pollett, P.K. and Gramotnev, D.K. (2008) Ehrenfest model for the condensation and evaporation processes in degrading aggregates with multiple bonds. Physical Review E 78, 031117.
Jovanovic, D. and Pollett, P.K. (2014) Distributed fault diagnosis using consensus of unobservable Markov chains. In (Eds. Honglei Xu and Xiangyu Wang) Optimization and Control Methods in Industrial Engineering and Construction, Springer Series on Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, Vol. 72, pp. 85-105.
Ross, J.V. and Pollett, P.K. (2010) Simple rules for ranking and optimally managing metapopulations. Ecological Modelling 221, 2515-2520.
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