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The Centre for Applied Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Analysis and Probability is a Research Centre within the Department of Mathematics of The University of Queensland. Its general aims are:

  • To pursue and promote research in dynamical systems, mathematical analysis and probability, and certain of their applications. This includes current ongoing work in:
    • Convex and set-valued analysis
    • Differential equations
    • Dynamical systems and chaos, and computational issues
    • H^\infty methods and robust control
    • Mathematical Finance
    • Networks and telecommunications theory
    • Nonstationary time series
    • Nonlinear studies
    • Nonlinear aspects of artificial intelligence
    • Optimization and variational problems
    • Probability and stochastic processes
    • Wavelet analysis
  • To strengthen existing interactions with other University of Queensland departments.
  • To cooperate and interact with other centres in Australia and abroad, and to organize an active programme of visitors to the Centre for seminars and for joint research projects. In particular, actively to collaborate with the Institute of Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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