Welcome to "anzstat"

... a statistics mailing list for the Australia and New Zealand region


What is "anzstat"?

"anzstat" is a mailing list which reaches people in Australia, New Zealand, and internationally, who have an interest in statistics. Membership of the list is open to any interested person who chooses to subscribe. List members include statisticians from universities, government and private enterprise. The list has been in operation since August 1995. It is currently managed by Ian Wood.

How do I join "anzstat"?

To join "anzstat" simply send an email to majordomo@lists.uq.edu.au with no subject header and the one-line message

subscribe anzstat

You will receive by return email a verification message which requires you to email back a security code. This is to prevent you from being subscribed by another person without your knowledge.

How do I leave "anzstat"?

To leave "anzstat" simply send an email to majordomo@lists.uq.edu.au with no subject header and the one-line message

unsubscribe anzstat

How do I post to "anzstat"?

To post to "anzstat", you must be a list member, so make sure you join the list first. To send a message to the list, use the address anzstat@lists.uq.edu.au and use a brief informative subject header. Please do NOT use this address to unsubscribe!

What may I post to "anzstat"?

Any information which may reasonably be thought to be of interest to the Australasian statistical community may be posted. This includes job advertisements and conference announcements, to name just two possibilities. Please do NOT post attachments to the list!

Please do NOT post attachments to "anzstat"!

Please do NOT post attachments to the list. This is to protect members from computer viruses and also to ease the load on the email server. Instead, include the attachment as plain text in the body of your message if it is sufficiently brief, or place the attachment on a website and just circulate the website address to the list.

Can I read old postings?

Yes! From 19 October 2001, all postings to "anzstat" will be archived for a brief period (depending on storage space). Messages in a given month will be archived in a single file: messages for year yy and month mm will be placed in a file called anzstat.yymm; e.g., anzstat.0110 will contain all messages sent in October 2001. Attachments, which should NOT be sent to the list anyway, will not be stored. For anything to do with looking up archives, you will need to email majordomo@lists.uq.edu.au ... please do not email the list! To get a directory listing of archive files send the one-line message

index anzstat

To retrieve the file "anzstat.yymm" send the one-line message

get anzstat anzstat.yymm

What if I have problems with "anzstat"?

Check the list below for some common difficulties. If that does not help then please contact the list manager at owner-anzstat@lists.uq.edu.au. Please include the made-up word 'helpme' somewhere in your message to help the maintainer find it. Be patient: the list is maintained regularly but not necessarily on a daily basis.

Common problems include