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Group Name or Number:           THE FUNAMBULISTS                                           


Project Title:                             FAMOUS MATHEMATICIANS                              


Number in Group:                     4                                                                                 


Tutorial Class:                           T1000                                                                        


Studentís Name:                       Uschi                                                                         


Student Number:                      666                                                                             


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Research methods  (how/where did you obtain your information)


From webpages.






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Our group poster is about Famous Mathematicians. The group had four meetings in the library. One of our group members only came to the first meeting. So three of us each chose to study one person each. Hans picked Gauss, Persephone picked Archimedes and I chose Pythagoras.     


We all used the internet to find out the biographies of these people. It was pretty easy to find information using Google but it turned out that everything we need to know was on Wikipedia. We really only had to use Google to find pictures that looked good when we printed them.


We each wrote our own paragraphs on the people we were researching. When we finished we got together to write the introduction paragraph and the conclusion.  


Hans did most of the work putting the poster together because he was really good at that, but Persephone and I helped also. I drew the picture which was used to prove Pythagorasí theorem, and Persephone helped me understand the equations because the proof was a bit tricky.


We concluded that Pythagoras was probably the greatest ever mathematician because he is the most famous.  He is best known for the Pythagorean theorem which bears his name. Known as "the father of numbers", Pythagoras made influential contributions to philosophy and religious teaching in the late 6th century BC. Because legend and obfuscation cloud his work even more than with the other pre-Socratics, one can say little with confidence about his life and teachings. We do know that Pythagoras and his students believed that everything was related to mathematics and that numbers were the ultimate reality and, through mathematics, everything could be predicted and measured in rhythmic patterns or cycles. According to Iamblichus, Pythagoras once said that "number is the ruler of forms and ideas and the cause of gods and demons." 










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