Mathematics Research Higher Degrees at UQ

Fundamental advances in Mathematics and Statistics continue to produce an array of sophisticated analytical tools with far reaching applications. These cut across a number of areas including finance, information technology and the biological and physical sciences. The University of Queensland ranks among the leading national institutions delivering postgraduate education in Mathematics and Statistics. Through a wide range of postgraduate programs, which may be either coursework or research based, students have the opportunity to choose a course of study which suits their needs. This flexibility allows each student to develop the unique talents needed for their current, or future, career.

Mathematics at UQ hosts six Research Programs. These encompass a number of Research Centres, including a node for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems (MASCOS). The staff members within the Programs are recognised as experts in their chosen fields of research. Each brings specific skills to their Program, and collectively they provide a focus for intensive Mathematics research which strives for the highest standards of academic achievement. The Research Programs consequently offer stimulating and supportive environments for students engaging in postgraduate research in these areas.

Presently, the staff in Mathematics at UQ supervise around 40 postgraduate research students. All students have access to excellent library and computing facilities, and resources are available for scholarships and attending national and international conferences. If you have interest in joining us to pursue postgraduate studies in Mathematics or Statistics, more detailed information is available from the menu on the left.

A FAQ on postgraduate study in Mathematics at UQ is available online.