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National  The Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems (MASCOS) was established in 2003 through a grant of $10.9 million from the Australian Research Council, as well as support from the Queensland and New South Wales State Governments, and from each of the seven collaborating institutions: University of Melbourne, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, Australian National University, University of New South Wales, La Trobe University, and University of Queensland.

Our vision is to be one of the world's leading centres in the mathematical and statistical analysis, design and optimisation of complex systems, and to apply that research for scientific, economic, social and environmental benefit.

Our objectives are:
  • To conduct fundamental research in the areas of critical phenomena, dynamical systems, risk analysis and complex networks, leading to the solution of three flagship applications: (i) accurate assessment of financial risk, (ii) improved security of large engineering grids and (iii) the control of emerging pests, diseases and pathogens.
  • To establish international linkages with similar centres, thus providing enhanced research opportunities for all researchers, as well as the opportunity to offer joint workshops and conferences.
  • To lay the scientific groundwork for the commercialisation of relevant research.
  • To engage in national and international industry in research and development, with the goal of enhancing the appreciation of what the mathematical sciences can offer industry, thus providing enhanced employment opportunities for mathematical sciences graduates.
  • To attract, train and graduate the best research students, thus providing a highly trained resource to academia, government and industry. At the same time, to provide high quality training in complex systems and their applications to undergraduates, graduates and industry.
  • To increase community awareness and understanding of the technical, economic and social benefits of complex systems science and its applications, and to promote interest in these areas in schools.

MASCOS is part of COSNet.

Local  Our group includes research staff, post-graduate students, honours students, visiting fellows and vacation scholars. Please contact our Director if you would like to become involved. PhD scholarships are no longer available. However, support will be provided for student conference travel or short study trips in Australia or abroad, computer equipment and software, or other approved study-related expenses.

School Centre   In 2004 the Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems was established as a School Centre in the (then) School of Physical Sciences within the (then) Faculty of Engineering, Physical Sciences and Architecture, with Prof. Phil Pollett as its Director.

SmartState  MASCOS Qld has been supported by the Queensland State Government through its SmartState initiative.

The Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics
of Complex Systems is funded by the Australian Research
Council, with additional support from the Queensland
State Government and the University of Queensland